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Still in First Place

Okay I will try to be optimistic.

After Jeff DaVanon got a single in the 6th, did Hudler deepthroat him with praise about coming around after a long slumping season? Nope, he is not Rex's butt-buddy, Steve "Fanhater" Finley, so all Jeff gets is a grunt from Rex.

David Ortiz struck out, but the umpires of Major League Baseball do not allow their goldenboy team to fail these days - the ratings and merchandising are too high.

So let's face it, it is in Major League baseball's best interests to have Boston in the postseason and the umpires are obviously in on it, they were in on it during the ALDS last season and we are just reduced to being Pro Wrestling fans deluding each other that it is not fixed.

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the Cal Ripken 1031 game. It was against the Angels. Never before had I seen a baseball team treated like the team that plays the Harlem Globetrotters - an afterthought opponent in a predetermined spectacle of scripted glory.

Tonight was like that as well - squeeze Santana, let Arroyo have an acre around the plate. Unconscionable, until you think of all the merchandising rights.

There, was that optimistic enough for you?