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Sole Possession

We have another few hours of having First Place all to ourselves. Th schedule is much much easier after this point, and Oakland has to play hungry Minnesota and hot-hot Cleveland, so let's not give up - ha ha the optimism comes out in relationship to their schedule instead of our roster.

But let's face it - We have NO BATS! It is time to roll the dice Mike. Vladdie, Bengie, Quinlan and Kotchman are the only possible sources of getting passed 2nd base other than a Figgins steal.

Cabrera must be demoted in the order. Kennedy batting ahead of Vlad for three weeks would still have an outside chance at a batting title let alone a postseason berth. We are under .500 with Cabrera batting 2nd. And don't even get me started about Erstad batting 5th - that is utterly indefensible.

But there is no runaway favorite this postseason, save for Boston in Fenway, and barely at that. The team that clicks on, say September 28th, that is going to be the one that sails right into the series. The only shot we have is with a cohesive lineup coalescing (coagulating even) into a regular run-scoring rhythm.

It could be us, It should be us. Let us speak of coulds and shoulds NOW, instead of coulda and shoulda LATER. Now is the time.