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Wow, we shut out the idiots at O'Fenway's Irish Pub

We are in first place by one game. Why? Because of a team effort:

Byrd - great command of the strike zone tonight.

Hatcher - great getting off your ass for once this season and inspiring the club, not that they hit any better than usual.

Scioscia - the ump's wife wakes up with a horse's head in the bed.

Kotchman - you should be batting 2nd, 3rd or 5th.

Erstad - you shouldn't.

Cabrera - no glove, no love; so you get the leather rubdown tonight hunny-bunch.

Fielder's Choice - scoring two of our runs late in the game with this RBI method is not advisable for every close game during a pennant race.

Scot Shield - The power of the Single T was restored - 3 batters strike out looking.

Frankie - Heartburn central gives up a base hit and two walks but strikes out 3 swinging.

We should all hire a private eye to tail umpire Larry Young, just in case we can get pictures of him soliciting underage male prostitutes.