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2005 Top Ten Angels Moments

  1. Defeating the Yankees in Game 5 of the ALDS
  2. Clinching the A.L. West in Oakland on September 27
  3. Ervin Santana's May 23 shutout
  4. Vladdie scoring the go-ahead run from 2nd base on a sac bunt in the 12th inning September 9
  5. Arte changing the name of the franchise to maximize its value
  6. Bartolo winning his 20th game on the way to a Cy Young award
  7. Colon, Vladdie and Garret making the All Star Game
  8. Darin Erstad crashes into Johnny Estrada in Atlanta
  9. Jered Weaver gets signed at the last minute
  10. Steve Finley is traded away


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2004 Top Ten Angels Moments

1. Clinching the A.L. West by beating the Athletics in Oakland
2. Vlad has 9 RBI's in one game
3. Frankie and Bengie block the plate against the Indians
4. Glaus' extra-inning homer in Texas in late September
5. Kotchmann's servicable replacement of Erstad for a month
6. Figgins shines season-long playing musical positions
7. Signing Vlad in January
8. The weekend sweep of the Yankees in the Bronx in late August
9. Percival's 300th save
10. Garret and Glaus returning from the disabled list