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The 100 Greatest Angels: #44 Bobby Knoop

#44 - Bobby Knoop, 2B

Career Stats

Growing up in the 1970s, no Angels infielder was spared comparison to the great Bobby Knoop. Even now there are occasions on which longtime Angel fans fed a steady diet of Dick Enberg's broadcasts might assert that Knoop was the greatest Bobby in the history of the organization. Such are the thing that legends are made of. The truth is a little less flattering. Bobby Knoop played 803 games as the Angels 2nd Baseman, was a GREAT fielder (edit - see comments) and of 32 Angels batters with 2,000 or more Plate Appearances, Knoop is 29th in Batting Average, 27th in On Base Percentage and 25th in Slugging %. And that makes this mid-1960s second sacker All-Time Angel#44.