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The 100 Greatest Angels: #42 Bartolo Colon

#42 - Bartolo Colon, RH SP

Career Stats

Consider Bartolo Colon's 2005 Cy Young season in Angel lore:

Tied with Nolan Ryan for 3rd place in wins (21)

4th place Winning % (.724)

1.74 Walks per 9 innings was 3rd place

Ks to Walks ratio of 3.65 was 2nd all time.

In only 431 innings pitched, Bartolo Colon has won 39 games as an Angel. He will likely be involved in many more victories. Were it not for a disastrous three months in 2004 and mediocre outings in postseason games, Colon would be in the Top 30. At eleven million dollars per season, Big Bart did not come cheaply, but he's earned his Happy Meals in Anaheim.

Colon is only the 2nd Angel pitcher to win the Cy Young award. Dean Chance won it in 1964. No Angel pitcher had won 20 games since Nixon was President. He won 18 games in 2004 and was considered a bust by many a pundit.

While a target of criticism because of his massive girth, the fact remains that the Angels have made the playoffs during each of his seasons and he has pitched well when it counted late in the season. If he could squeak a little of that mojo into October, there are a lot higher places he can go on this list, and with three more years in an Angels uniform under the current contract, plenty of time in which to get there.