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LOTS of Angels News

Wow, a lot has happened beyond getting all seven arbitration eligible Angels signed.

*The judge in the Anaheim lawsuit told the city that their arguments are weak. "It may be unusual, but according to the contract, they have the exclusive right to be unusal." Arte, feel free to grow that mohawk.

*The Angels are likely headed to broadcasting games on 830 AM, which is now a Spanish language station. They will broadcast en espanol aya para dos anos (in Spanish on that station for 2 years) and then ditch KMPC and its lousy signal and turn 830 into an all-Angels K-RTE (get it, "Arte").

*Arte has told FSN and their idiot jock staff epitomized by dullard Rob Dibble that his team will not accept a ten year deal, and are happy to let FSN broadcast only 50 games this season. Last year FSN had over 100 Angel games on the air. This means Arte has to put 100+ games on the air somewhere, seeing as KCOW is history (thank the deity of your choice). FSN was strong-arming Arte to accept the ten-year deal in order to prevent Moreno from building a competing local sports network. Go Arte go! The FSN contract runs out after 2008.

*Bartolo Colon is feeling no pain as he began throwing this week back home in Hispanola. The Angels sent down some representatives to monitor things.

*Angels in the WBC:
Dominica: Vlad, Bart and Magic plus retired ex-Angel Luis Polonia!
Hugo Chavez' Venezoila: Frankie, Kelvim, Juan Rivera and Fonzie (newly acquired Edgardo Alfonzo)
New bullpen Lefty J.C. Romero pimpin' for Puerto Rico along with free agent Bengie Molina

Scot Shields will be the lone Angel playing with the mercantile republic often mistaken for an empire known as the United States of America.