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The 100 Greatest Angels: #33 Scott Spiezio

#33 Scott Spiezio, IF

Career Stats

Nice that the votes should tabulate the redemption represented by Scott Spiezio right after the tragedy of Donnie Moore. Without his amazing performance in the 2002 post-season, capped off by the single biggest homerun in franchise history (sparking the biggest come-from-behind rally in a World Series elimination game ever), it is safe to say that Scott Spiezio would be ranked lower on this list.

But how much lower?

Probably not much, as Scott stuck around Anaheim with a lot less benchwarming and much more contributing than was ever expected of him.

For Angels with 2000 or more Plate Appearances (and Scott had exactly 2,000!), Speez ranks 9th all-time (in between Brian Downing and Don Baylor) with a .446 Slugging % and 10th all-time with a .787 OPS.

With an OPS+ of 117 in 2002, he contributed mightily to that campaign (the franchise's most successful) to get into that postseason in which he so shined.

From personal in-stadium observations, Spiezio was the most popular Angel during the 2002 season and was a close 2nd to David Eckstein in the plethora of fans in T-Shirts in 2003. Angel Fans cupie and Brent Carter selected Scott at #31 on his Top 40 Ballot and Brent's comments sum up the view from the stands: It is unfortunate to see what has happened to Spiezio since his departure from the Angels. Things were looking so good. He was a World Series hero, his band Sandfrog was beginning to get recognition. He will always be remembered fondly by Angels fans and it was good to see him get the reception he did when he came back to Angels Stadium for first time as a Mariner. Hopefully he will get another shot and latch on somewhere. He is a great guy and was a great Angel.

The reception he received, a big thank you on the jumbotron, rocketed the Angels to the top of baseball's classy franchises. All things considered, Scott Spiezio is the gift to the Angels that keeps on giving.

Rob McMillin of the 6-4-2 Southern California Baseball Blog has a geat overview of Scott's career as the first post in the comments section...