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The 100 Greatest Angels: #31 Jarrod Washburn

#31 - Jarrod Washburn, LH SP

Career Stats

Lefty Jarrod Washburn was drafted by the California Angels on June 1, 1995 in the second round and made his debut with the Anaheim Angels in 1998. He is in the Franchise Top Ten in a number of important categories:

Wins - 75 - 8th
Won-Loss % - .568 - 1st
Fewest BB/9IP - 2.72 - 8th
Innings - 1153.1 - 9th
Strikeouts - 699 - 10th
Games Started - 183 - 8th
K to Walk Ratio - 2.01 - 7th (ahead of Mike Witt at 1.96!!!)
ERA+ - 114 - 7th

Washburn's best season with a Halo was the World Championship year of 2002, where, despite losing on Opening Day to Bartolo Colon and the Cleveland Indians, Jarrod went 18-6, striking out 139 batters in 206 innings. Despite losing two World Series games that season, he was the Winning pitcher in the ALDS-clinching Game 4 against the Yankees, the first postseason series the Angels ever won. He also contributed to the 2004 and 2005 Division Championship teams.

On our Top 40 ballots, yeswecan ranked Jarrod #23 all-time, but this 2nd high ranking was outdistanced by Matt Welch ranking Jarrod #13 All-Time Angel.

Rob McMillin of the 6-4-2 Southern California Baseball Blog has a complete look at Jarrod - just click the comment link below...