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The 100 Greatest Angels: #28 Gene Mauch

#28 Gene Mauch, Field Manager

Career Managerial Record

Playing Record

If it is true that we learn from adversity, I'm the smartest sonafabitch on Earth
--Gene Mauch

Up until this September, Gene Mauch held the record for most postseason visits by an Angels Manager - 2. 1982 and 86 were his doing, along with a painful 2nd place finish despite a 91-win 1985 campaign.

Gene Mauch's .533 winning percentage as an Angels manager was also only surpassed this September by Mike Scioscia (currently at .535), although that is subject to change with every game this season.

Only Scioscia and Bill Rigney have more victories as Angels managers.

Okay, I am going to say it now - He should have left Mike Witt in the game. There I said it. Game 5, 1986 ALCS, he micromanaged the Angels into a heartbreaking defeat. Although they label it The Donnie Moore Game, Gene's decisions played a big part in it all.

But Gene was no stranger to choking, having helmed the 1964 Phillies' collapse.

Despite this all, Gene Mauch managed 711 games in the better parts of the first Golden Era of Angels baseball. He was a brilliant baseball mind, albeit one more haunted than hallowed.

He resigned as Angels manager prior to the 1988 season, with a week left in Spring Training. His reason was simple. He just couldn't take losing anymore.

His parting words to the Halo Nation:
When they say "Ya can't win 'em all" I say "Why not?"

Angel fan cupie voted Mauch #9 all-time Angel, although the next highest ranking on our final ballots was Shredder ranking Mauch #21 all-time.