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Season Seat Upgrade Day!

I took the Amtrak down to Anaheim to participate in the Season Seat upgrade today.

I just felt like taking the day off and checking out things around the stadium. First thing you do is - at your assigned seat time - you get briefed by the Stadium ticket dude. There are a few rules:

* If you have more than 6 seats, you have to wait until February 3rd, which is after everyone else will have had a chance to upgrade and add seats.

* If you have less than 6 seats, you cannot add any more past six to your account.

* Many seats have no option for postseason purchases or will be relocated for the (hopefully-achieved) October games.

* Left Field Pavillion is still not a season seat area.

* The gub'mint has cracked down on disabled seating and if you sell a disabled seat to someone not in a wheelchair, they ain't getting one.

* The 41-game mini plan has returned! It is available in Sections 425 & 426 - call Trent the ticket guy now at 714-940-2297 (If I am not mistaken, these are these sections have traditionally been group sales seating).

* The Angels have capped Season seat sales at 30,000 and the dude claimed they currently have the largest season seat sales in major league baseball. He said MLB's demands for a certain percentage of the postseason tickets was the biggest influence in the decision to cap sales at 30K.

* The overpriced and mediocre food at The Knothole Club is now part of the season seat mob - the Knothole seats in the outdoor stadium area are now $35 seats plus a mandatory $15 food voucher per game - 4 grand a seat per season and $15 won't even buy you two beers there.

* I added two seats in my section - mine have been in Row F since 2002 and now I have 2 in Row L. Need some seats?

There were a LOT of people in attendance and not many good seats and hardly any great ones available, BUT one interesting thing was that although the chance to peruse available seating was based on seniority, on the occasion of someone upgrading, their seats instantly became available - the guy who sits behind me went this morning and said there was nothing anywhere near our seats - but then N,M and L opened up by the time I got there because of people upgrading. In the half hour in which I wandered about I saw many field level seats open up (an usher attached a white tag to indicate its availability) and then get snatched up quickly - especially groups of four. All in all, a good day and did i mention did you want to buy any tickets?