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The 100 Greatest Angels - #54 Luis Polonia

#54 - Luis Polonia, LF

Career Stats

While the Angels had four lousy seasons 1990-93, they were made bearable by the exciting play of Luis Polonia. A speedy Left Fielder with League Average defense and a good batting average, Luis went from first to third (and 2nd to home) as well as any Angel I recall, and maximized the entertainment value of his speed (i.e., it was always a close and sloppy play when he dove in headfirst along with the throw).

Luis' .294 batting average is 3rd all time among Angels with more than 2,000 plate appearances.
He is 2nd all time in Angel Stolen Bases with 174
3 of his season totals in stolen bases land in the Angels Top Ten Single Season leaders.

While there are many players on this list who contributed to winning seasons, players like Polonia kept this fan interested in and excited about the franchise during some of its darkest days. In the big picture, that might be more important than being in the right place at the right time.

Conversely, it is unlikely Polonia would make a Top 100 list of Braves or Yankees, two teams on which he won the World Series (1995, 2000). So here is to Luis Polonia, the 54th Greatest Angel of them all.