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A-Rod 2 Anaheim?

Well, last season I beat the drum for the Angels' acquisition of Manny Ramirez.

Didn't happen.

This offseason, I will be beating the drum for the acquisition of Alex Rodriguez by the Angels.

And now, Ken Rosenthal agrees with me.

I think the first step to this would be to trade Orlando Cabrera for an overpriced veteran Starter/Innings-eater during the Winter meetings.

Then trade that acquired arm, a minor league pitching prospect like Bootcheck, Moseley or Shell (but not Nick Adenhardt), A youngish infielder like Izturis (26) or Aybar (turns 24 in the offseason) and one of our starting pitchers from 2006 - most likely Santana or Saunders.

Now, this is the top, top, top offer for A-Rod that we should make. He won't be getting traded to any o f our division rivals, so there is no need for a defensive trade (although A-Rod a Dodger is like a nice new car in the neighbor's driveway). If there is a chance of the Yankees wanting Figgins and some pitching help, then the arm provided by my proposed Cabrera trade could save us the possible calamity of trading a great young arm to the Bronx Bombers.