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Current 40-Man Roster

Use this list in formulating your plans for the Angels.


Tim Salmon
DH - He's already gone.

J.C. Romero
LHP - He is 30 and must not be allowed to return to this club.


Adam Kennedy
2B - A.K. is a free agent turning 31 over the break. Best wishes.

Curtis Pride
LF/RF - He turns 38 in the offseason. While he will likely be playing professional ball next season, I doubt that it will be with the Angels.

Here then is your team worksheet of who we have and where they are in their careers


Jose Arredondo
RHP - turns 23 at the end of Spring Training. Will likely end up a Donnelly-type reliever in '08 or `09, hopefully of the `02/'03 variety.

Chris Bootcheck
RHP turns 28 in two months. If he is a starter with us next season, something is terribly wrong - He is maybe our #8 starter if you push him and Moseley and Shell around in a game of musical chairs. If he is a minor leaguer, that too is an injustice - to him. Other than a Carrasco-type reliever, he is trade bait, and as a Scott Boras client and a career mediocrity, not a great worm to have on the hook.

Jason Bulger
RHP - This reliever turns 28 during the off-season. He will be getting a chance to make a comeback from a shoulder injury and the effects of a head injury suffered in a car crash, but is likely just AAA insurance for the bullpen for the 2007 Angels.

Hector Carrasco
RHP - he is two months younger than Troy Percival, so we are stuck with him in 2007, the final year of a two-year, $6 million contract. He was inoffensive other than being overpaid this season and will likely continue being just both of those things.

Bartolo Colon
RHP - He turns 34 two months into next season and could be anywhere on the spectrum from totally disabled to a return to Cy Young form. Don't count the fat man out, but the club must have a plan in place that does not necessarily count him in.

Brendan Donnelly
RHP - He is 35. He is arbitration eligible. Apparently some chiropractic work has cured what ailed him midseason, but the Angels may have better options (and will certainly have cheaper ones).

Kelvim Escobar
RHP - He turns 31 just after opening day and is signed to be in the Starting Rotation thru 2009. Get used to it.

Kevin Gregg
RHP - He turns 29 in June and I don't see him as anything but a mop at this point.

Greg Jones
RHP - Career Minor Leaguer turns 30 in the offseason - not a setup reliever, nor a closer, wasted as a mop, but will he be anything other than a AAA Relief Filler? Nope.

John Lackey
RHP - He turns 28 in the offseason and is signed thru 2008. Get used to it.

Dustin Moseley
RHP - He turns 25 the day after Christmas and gives up way to many line drives to crack our rotation or be trusted as a reliever. If he cannot be made into a Carrasco-type reliever, more seasoning at AAA will be needed to at least make him a trade chip.

Francisco Rodriguez
RHP - He turns 25 in the offseason. Will the line of idiots who predict his demise shrink or grow? Or will they just get more ball-less and give their doom-and-gloom analyses ten-season windows in which to occur?

Ervin Santana
RHP - The Angels website lists his birthdate as 12/12/82 while Baseball-Reference says it is a month later (1-10-83) - oh well, so much for the reliability of player birthday databases. Either way he is 24 on opening day and a solid #4 starter.

Joe Saunders
LHP - He turns 26 midseason and will be the #6 guy in 2007 rotation - expect to see a lot of him, then.

Steven Shell
RHP - He turns 24 on New Year's Day and will likely be back at AAA, but you can pencil him in as our #7 starter if you are itching to fill out your scorecard.

Scot Shields
RHP - He turns 32 in midseason. Is it heresy to suggest that he would bring a big bat?

Jered Weaver
RHP - He turns 24 on October 4 and is a future ace of the rotation and Cy Young winner.


Darin Erstad
U - Darin turns 33 in June. A non-roster invite to Spring Training is likely. He would be a great presence off the bench - and we once dumped Turnbow and Jenks to keep Josh Paul around, so this would not be an unprecedented move.

Chone Figgins
U - Figgy turns 29 in January. He is signed for two more years at reasonable rates. His versatility and speed make him a desirable commodity on the trade market. If this were a down year for him, I would say hold on to Chone, but he can hardly bunt and doesn't walk, he strikes out and pops out too much for a leadoff hitter and that is where his value is.


Erick Aybar
SS - He will be 23 next season - a good prospect.

Orlando Cabrera
SS - He will be 33 next season and makes 8 million in '07 and '08. His trade value will never be better and his offensive production and defensive contributions can be approximated by a host of cheaper alternatives. It was a nice two years, OC, adios

Maicer Izturis
3B/SS - Ceasar's younger half-bro just turned 26 early last month. He would be attractive on a trade primarily for his low salary.

Howie Kendrick
2B - He couldn't legally drink until July of '04. The Angels 2B of at least the next half-decade.

1B - Casey Kotchman
Mister Mono is a hundred percent healthy, turns 24 in February and is part of a backlog of competent young infielders in our system.

Jeff Mathis
C - He turns 24 just before opening day.

Dallas McPherson
3B - At 26, he is two months older than Maicer Izturis. As controversial a player as the Angels have - betting on his health has hurt the Angels. Betting against him could be ditching a future great power threat.

Jose Molina
C - He will turn 32 in June, so 2007 should be it.

Kendry Morales
1B - He will be 24 in June. Same age as Casey, same position as Casey... who will become the immovable object and who will become the irresistible force?

Mike Napoli
C - He turns 25 on Halloween.

Robb Quinlan
1B/3B - Robb turns 30 on Saint Patrick's Day. He's had the luck of the Irish to be in the good graces of Scioscia this long.


Garret Anderson
LF/DH - Garret will be 35 at the end of June. He will be paid $12 million in '07 and '08.

Nick Gorneault
OF - This Minor League Lifer turns 28 just after opening day and the clock is pretty much ticking on his chances. The organization's 7th outfielder.

Vladimir Guerrero
RF/DH - Vlad turns 31 in the offseason. He makes $14 million in '07 and '08. The Angels have an option on him for '09 as well. My only concern is that his knees are weakening and his fielding is disastrous. Is it too early to consider preserving as much of his offensive game as long as possible by making him the Full Time DH.

Tommy Murphy
LF/RF - He turned 27 at the end of August. With the extra tools possessed by Reggie Willits, Murphy may be the team's 6th outfielder.

Juan Rivera
LF/RF - He turns 29 in July and will be a free agent next October so he has a lot to prove and the Angels can benefit from that in 2007.

Reggie Willits
CF - Turns 26 just after Memorial Day weekend. His September at-bats were impressive for the # of fouls he used to frustrate pitchers and draw walks. Best Angel bunter, fastest after Figgins. His stock is rising and he could be an easy answer at CF if we sign a big bat for another position. He might have to learn to bat over .230 though...