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Free Agent Catchers

Jose Molina, Mike Napoli and Jeff Mathis are a fearsome Catching Threesome. Will one of them be a trade chip this offseason? Look at what the cat dragged in to the free agnecy catching pool and hold your nose. Molina is better than anyone on this list besides his brother and Barajas; Jeff/Mike are ten years younger than almost anyone else.

Post-'06 Free Agent Catchers
Sandy Alomar Jr. - 40
Paul Bako - 34
Rod Barajas - 31
Gary Bennett - 34
Henry Blanco - 35
Einar Diaz - 33
Mike DiFelice - 37
Robert Fick - 32
Todd Greene - 35
Tim Laker - 36
Mike Lieberthal - 34
Javy Lopez - 35
Doug Mirabelli - 36
Todd Pratt - 39
Kelly Stinnett - 36
Chris Widger - 35
Gregg Zaun - 35

Post-'06 Free Agent Catchers Who's Teams Have Option for '07
Bengie Molina - 32
Mike Piazza - 38

I think the lack of quality available Catchers - a position in which we are stacked - could be an advantage for the Angels if we were willing to part with one of our Three Backstops.

Say, Mathis, Cabrera and Bootcheck for Vernon Wells?