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Free Agent Right Fielders

Aren't you glad we have Vlad?

The following list could yield a fourth outfielder, but with:

Reggie Willits and Figgy covering Center...
Rivera and Anderson in Left with Rivera in Right when Vlad gets his knees rested...

I just don't see anyone below knocking it out for us (barring any of these aforementioned Angels getting traded); You just know the good ones will be overpriced and the mediocre ones are surpassed by the likes of Tommy Murphy and Curtis Pride...

Post-'06 Free Agent Right Fielders
Moises Alou - 40
Jacob Cruz - 33
Jose Guillen - 30
Richard Hidalgo - 31
Gabe Kapler - 31
Matt Lawton - 34
John Mabry - 36
Trot Nixon - 32
Matt Stairs - 38
Michael Tucker - 35
Bernie Williams - 38

Post-'06 Free Agent Right Fielders Who's Teams Have Option for `07
Jeromy Burnitz - 37
Jermaine Dye - 32
Gary Sheffield - 37