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Green and Gold Sewer

It is getting downright stinky in Oakland as the slimy side of Billy Beane comes out in the San Francisco Chronicle today:

L I N K -to- S T O R Y

Yep, Ken Macha stopped being so silent. And the machinations of the front office there look like some stale ass Beane Dip on your kitchen table on the hungover Sunday Morning after a Saturday bender

Billy Beane-Dip is in quite a pickle here - any manager who takes the job now will be viewed as a ball-less, mental midget and anything negative that occurs to the Athletics next season will be seen as the pathetic puppeteering on the part of Beane-Dip.

When the Sex Pistols played their final concert, lead singer Johnny Rotten left the audience with a final quote:
Did you ever get the feeling you'd been cheated?

For their loyalty, the A's fans have got a few division titles, an ALDS victory over the Twins and the unceremonious sackings of Art Howe and Ken Macha .

Now it appears that Billy "Sid Vicious" Beane-Dip is alone, exposed as an off-key meddler, singing My Way as he shoots the faithful ticketholders in their seats long after the meaningful band he was in had faded into punk oblivion...

Meanwhile, a stable chorus of "Rise Above, we're gonna rise above!" blasts out of Arte Moreno's office, Bill Stoneman and Mike Scioscia joining in the escalating, convincing, focused chorus. Looking forward is sooo much fun...