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Free Agent Watch, Day 2...

So far there has been just enough chaos in the free agent market to thwart Bill Stoneman's Plan A, B and even possible Plan C.

Had Aramis Ramirez not publicly announced his ditching of his Cubs contract, the Angels might likely have made a bid on Japanese 3B Akinori Iwamura. Word is that they did not do this - having focused on preparing a bombshell contract offer for Aramis.

So 24 hours into the Free Agent scramble, the Angels have missed out on TWO solutions at 3rd Base.

Fortunately (or at least hopefully), the opting-out of J.D. Drew from his Dodger contract will give Stoneman pause to study the CF market before a deep pursit of either Gary Matthews Jr. and Alfonso Soriano. Personally, I prefer Drew to either of them, behind of course a trade for Vernon Wells - whose inevitable dumping by Toronto seems closer with each rising dollar of this offseason frenzy.

If Stoneman is to get chummy with Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi in a pursuit of Wells, why not simply bury the past and trade for Troy Glaus while he is at it?

Hopefully out of chaos will come order, and Plan D will be a Grade A scheme.