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Free Agent Watch, Day 3: Alfonso Soriano - $80 Million / 6 Years

The L.A. Times is reporting the Angels offer to Alfonso Soriano is 6 years, $80 million and that - should they sign him - they will likely move Howie Kendrick to 1B in order to allow Soriano to suck as the Angels everyday 2B. The Times Mike DiGiovanna observes that Soriano has many suitors - including the deep-pocket Dodgers, so don't expect a deal in the next few days.

REV's BOTTOM LINE: This blows chunks, blocking Kendry AND Casey and does not address 3B or CF. Yuck.

The Eli Geffen Daily Fishwrap also reports that the Padres have retained their pitching coach from last season, quelling rumors that Bud Black would be taking Chalres Nagy (Black's hand-picked selection for Angels AAA pitching coach) to the National League's Beach Town with him.

HH Take: Look's like Nagy gets promoted to the big club soon.

Meanwhile Ken Rosenthal reports that the Blue Jays are in a Win-Now mode, seeing 2007 as the seson to strike at their division. Indications are that Vernon Wells is untouchable this offseason. Robothal also stokes the Tejada to Anaheim flames.

HH Take: Hey Mister Stoneman, try to get Miggy for Saunders/Cabrera instead of Santana/Aybar.