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Offseason Day #46

So much is happening at the General Manager Meetings that it amounts up to nothing!

The A's have not hired a new manager yet - it is down to Orel Hershiser or Bob Geren. They are likely losing Frank Thomas, who will be getting big bucks from the Toronto Blue Jays. Thus the name of Barry Bonds gets floated out there as his possible replacement at DH.

First karma bites the Joakland fanbase on their love of the low market, then on their snotty name-calling over our team's renaming. Now, the one player A's fans have smacktalked more than anyone is being courted. Maybe they just change their names to Green Bay Baseball Packers of Fremont while they are at it.

Talk was they were getting Frank Thomas and Barry Zito. Now it seems down to just Zito. Good, they can have him.

Chirp chirp chirp. Keep it that way, Bavasi.

The East Coast media says Soriano wants to stay on the East Coast. I never buy that shit about players - especially when it is reported by an East Coast news outlet - when an ECNO says "he wants to play n the West Coast", I believe it, as it is not self-serving. I don't really want Soriano on the Angels. But I don't buy that he won't come here if we're within 2 million total of the largest offer.

Other than That
Our Big bat Acquisition is probably more likely to occur at the Winter Meetings, which is fine with me. As long as it is not Carlos Lee or Soriano I will probably be happy, and I will be ecstatic if we keep our pitching rotation intact. We all should be.

Will Manny Ramirez get dangled?
Is Figgins History?
Will Donnelly get re-upped?
Kevin Gregg too?
Has Bartolo Colon had an arm transplant?
Is Toronto signing Frank Thomas as a substitute for Vernon Wells or as a complement?
If Carl Crawford's speed begins to fade, would he still be worth Santana's arm improving each of the next seven seasons?