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Lyman Bostock

Due to today's ridiculous signing (and it is not the money, it is the # of years, the CF's age, the no-trade clause and the fact that he is an offensive and defensive downgrade for the club that makes it hurt), I am on my knees, praying. And if you are an Angels fan, maybe you should be too. No irony here folks, I am devastated...

The late Angels Outfielder would have turned 56 today.

Lyman, if you are up there, could you send those five great years you would have had down to our new Centerfielder?

I'm losing it, all my faith has been shattered, it is almost as devastating as the day we lost YOU and this public plea here and now to the great beyond is all I can do short of giving up on the whole franchise.

Please, I pray, please make this signing on your birthday go well, make it a testament of faith that even at the darkest hour we should believe in our team and know that hope is all around. I am praying for redemption of this great franchise and implore your guidance and divine intervention to make righteous the sad events of today.