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Lunch with Gary Matthews Jr.

According to the L.A. Times, Mike Scioscia and Bill Stoneman had lunch with Gary Matthews, Jr. yesterday. No word on Scioscia's choice of appetizer or whether Stoneman prefers Sauvignon Blanc with his trout.

Looks like it is a match ... I pray some other team swoops in with an irresistible offer as GMJ2 gives the Angels almost NO upgrade - save a slightly better outfield defense easily matched by a young Reggie Wilits.

If GMJ2 signs (and it is reported to be $11 million a year, for 4 or 5 years) look for Chone Figgins to be shipped out in a trade at the Winter meetings... but for what?

As I have written in posts and comments here recently - the best thing about the new owners'-players' CBA is that it ends a player's rights to opt out of a contract when traded in the middle of a multi-year deal. If we sign GMJ2, let us hope he is a budding trade chip and not the return of Steve Finley...

In other news, the Times interviewed new Angel Justin Speier who waxed nostalgiac for his days of throwing grenades as a Marine Reserve. Now there is someone you want pitching to Jason Kendall...