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The Roster and What it Costs

Anderson, Garret (G.A.) - $12 mil
Guerrero, Vladimir (just "Vlad") - $14.00 mil
Matthews, Gary (Garbage) - $10.00 million
Rivera, Juan (Rio Bravo) - $1.64 mil

Cabrera, Orlando (O.C.) - $8.00 mil
Figgins, Chone (Figgy) - $3.50 mil
Izturis, Maicer (Mice Tits) - 400k
Kendrick, Howie (just "Howie") - 400k
Kotchman, Casey (just "Casey") - 400k
McPherson, Dallas (D-Mac) - 400k
Morales, Kendry (Ken-Mor) - $0.75 mil
Quinlan, Robb (just "Quinlan") - 400k

Molina, Jose (just "Jose") - $1.05 mil
Napoli, Mike (Napster) - 400k

Carrasco, Hector (Tabasco) - $3.05 mil
Donnelly, Brendan (Donkey) - ????
Rodriguez, Francisco (Frankie) - $3.75 mil
Shields, Scot (just "Shields") - ????
Speier, Justin (Inspire) - $4.50 mil

Starting Staff
Colon, Bartolo (Bart) - $12.75 mil
Escobar, Kelvim (Myspacecobar) - $9.50 mil
Lackey, John (Thunder Mountain) - $5.67 mil
Santana, Ervin (Black Magic) - 400k
Saunders, Joe (just "Saunders")- 400k
Weaver, Jered (just "Jered") - 400k

2007 Projected Total = 93.76 million plus Donnelly and Shields salaries.

(Total will also include any pro-rated portion of major league service time by Angel minor leaguers).

Salaries in multi-year contracts are averaged across the contract and factor in bonuses evenly for purposes of determining Luxury Tax compliance.

Protected on the 40 Man Roster

Arredondo, Jose - 50/400k*
Bootcheck, Chris
Bulger, Jason
Jones, Gregg
Moseley, Dustin
Resop, Chris
Shell, Steven

Aybar, Erick - 50/400k
Brown, Matthew
Evans, Terry
Gorneault, Nick
Mathis, Jeff
Murphy, Tommy
Willits, Reggie
Bobby Wilson

Possible Addition to Luxury Tax Threshold of pro-rated league minimum salaries of 15 players.

*Minor League salary is approximately $50k, major league minimum is near $400k.