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Gary Matthews Jr. Passes His Physical, Deal Complete

MATTHEWS passed his physical and will wear #24.
Wasn't that Bud Black's jersey # after Frosty Finley took #12 from Bud?
Has there ever been a good Angel #24?

There are pictures at this link if you want to see ... notice no Bill Stoneman there ... word is he is deep in negotiations on a three way trade but I am not supposed to say with who until tomorrow (I actually think my source is stroking me but he dangeld a good carrot) ... and I gotta be out tomorrow morning at some art gallery thingy so check back at like three p.m.

Ken Forsch's prominence in these ceremonial affairs (pictured at the link) bodes well for being the next Angels GM...

UPDATE: poster CaseyKOD found a list of Angels who wore #24, chief among them CHILI DAVIS!

If Matthews is as good as Chili was as an Angel, it won't be garbage...