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Baseball by Broadcast or Baseball in Person?

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Do you prefer to watch baseball on television, listen to it on the radio or attend the game in person?

While it may be assumed that everyone prefers the live event, after putting up with many hassles of traffic, cost, rude drunk idiots, unattended and ill-mannered kids, bad food, lousy service and nosebleed seats, seeing a game is not a slam-dunk first choice...

Of course, with lousy camera angles, mentally retarded announcers paired with a crack-smoking chatterbox play-by-play imbecile, the idiot box may just live up to its name during a nine-inning telecast.

There is of course, always the radio, if you are mentally agile enough to tolerate the same AM/PM commercial broadcast 18 times per game, 162 games per year along with woefully inadequate descriptions of what is happening on the field...

Which do you prefer?

Okay, discuss ad nauseum...