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2006 Top Twenty


This is my order. In the comments section, put the letters in the order you think they belong.

A. Angels say goodbye to Tim Salmon

B. Frankie Rodriguez has stellar season

C. Jered Weaver reaches Whitey Ford Rookie Mark

D. Juan Rivera's hot July

E. Angels trade Brendan Donnelly

F. Lackey retires 27 straight after leadoff double

G. Kennedy quietly finishes Angels career

H. The Texas Beanball Wars

I. Casey Kotchman sidelined with mononucleosis

J. "Stick that thing out there!"

K. Hank Conger is Angels' #1 pick

L. Defying Moreno, Stoneman stockpiles pitching

M. Cabrera reaches base safely in 63 consecutive games

N. Mike Napoli becomes our #1 Catcher

O. Angels sign Gary Matthews Jr. to big contract

P. Vlad Being Vlad

Q. Reigning Cy Young winner Bartolo Colon shut down

R. Jered Weaver replaces his brother in Angel Rotation

S. Howie Kendrick makes the show

T. July 31st comes and goes.

I will add up the results in the middle of next week and post them.