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Vegas Highlights:
Cirque du Soleil LOVE at the Mirage (by the Beatles)
No Limit at Caesars
Dinner at Hugo's Cellar, Downtown
Hitting on roulette:
Vlad's jersey #, Fregosi's retired jersey # and Missus Halofan's Birthday #
Dice and Single Deck Blackjack at the El Cortez
The suite at the El Cortez (25 bucks a night)
Sushi at Caesar's
Breakfast at the Golden Nugget
Shawarma at the Mad Greek there and and back

Trip Lowlights
The 15 is blocked in parts - added an hour to the trip there and two hours back
Tailgating speed freaks (or am I starting to drive like an old man?)
Got my ass handed to me at a poker tournament
It was freezing.
Forgot to make a World Series bet

Of over Fifty trips to Vegas lifetime, this is one of less than ten where I came home with more moeny than I left and one of four where I doubled the money in my pocket. Mostly on poker but Vladdy's jersey # was the icing on the cake!