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Angels Uniform #2

1962: Frank Leja
1963 - 68: Tom Satriano
1969: Tom Satriano and Joe Azcue
1970: Joe Azcue
1971, 72: Sandy Alomar
1975 - 77: Jerry Remy
1979: Orlando Ramirez
1980, 81: Freddie Patek
1982: Mick Kelleher
1983, 84: Manager John McNamara
1985: Craig Gerber
1987: Tack Wilson
1988: Manager Cookie Rojas
1996: Manager John MacNamara
2000 - 06: Adam Kennedy
2008 - 10: Erick Aybar

The rule in baseball is that you must change your pitcher if you cross the chalk line a 2nd time. Near the end of a disappointing 1988 campaign, Angels Manager Cookie Rojas forgot this - the umpire forced him to make a pitching change after his 2nd visit to the mound with the same pitcher in the same inning. He was fired the next day.

Adam Kennedy took the Low Number for the 2000 season - eventually surpassing the Angel record of games played wearing #2 held by Jerry Remy - coincidentally established during the year of Adam's birth!