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Angels Uniform #4

1961, 62: George Thomas
1963: George Thomas and Jimmy Piersall
1964 - 67: Jimmy Piersall
1968: Chuck Cottier
1969: Chuck Cottier and Sandy Alomar
1970: Sandy Alomar
1971: Tony Conigliaro
1972: Ken McMullen
1973: Doug Howard
1974, 75: Joe Lahoud
1976: Dan Briggs
1977 - 86: Bobby Grich
1987: Manager Gene Mauch
1989: Gary DiSarcina
1990, 91: Manager Doug Rader
1997: Craig Grebeck
1998: Chad Kreuter
1999: Dave Silvestri and Bret Hemphill

Much like his case for making the Hall of Fame, the case for retiring Grich's number is only complicated by the passing of time, a great career divided by two teams and the presence of other worthy candidates.

It would have been interesting to see if Miguel Tejada, (had he been traded to the Angels) would have asked for coach Alfredo Griffin's #4, seeing as the Mig-Man chose that number early in his professional career as his honor to Griffin, the groundbreaking Dominican hero.