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Bill and Ken's Corner Infield Adventure

Bill Stoneman and heir apparent Ken Forsch are off to Miami to help riot in the street when Fidel Castro dies in the next day or two, or to look for a corner infielder with power.

The trippiest thing about this trip is that when you consider the potential of a healthy Dallas McPherson and a healthy Casey Kotchman, not to mention an evolved Kendry Morales and a serviceable Robb Quinlan/Maicer Izturis, there is not exactly a corner infielder out there that blows us away... of course, after dropping 50 spots on the Garbageman in Centerfield, anything is possible... and Bill IS under orders to bring in a big fish, but but but look at what is available...

The cheat sheet below makes me pause about giving up anything (especially young, affordable pitching) as just a replacement for Casey/Dallas/Kendry...

What do YOU think?

Garret Atkins 3B
A-Rod 3b
Crede 3b
Morgan Ensberg 3b
Troy Glaus 3b
Brandon Inge 3b
Mike Lowell 3b
Scott Rolen 3b
Mark Teahen 3b
Chad Tracy 3b

Prince Fielder 1b
Adrian Gonzalez 1b
Scott Hatteberg 1b
Todd Helton 1b
Nick Johnson 1b
Adam LaRoche 1b
Lyle Overbay 1b
Youkilis 1b

Beltre 3b
Hank Blalock 3b
Ben Broussard 1b
Eric Chavez 3b
Richie Sexson 1b
Nick Swisher 1b
Teixeria 1B

Miguel Cabrera 3B
Carlos Delgado 1b
Giambi 1b
Ryan Howard 1B
Chipper Jones 3b
Paul Konerko 1b
Justin Morneau 1B
Pujols 1B
Aramis Ramirez 3B
Jim Thome 1b
David Wright 3b
Ryan Zimmerman 3b

Pedro Feliz 3b
Mike Jacobs 1b
Ty Wigginton 3b
Shea Hillebrand 1b
Edwin Encarnacion 3b
Conor Jackson 1b
Jose Valentin 3b
Melvin Mora 3b
Kevin Millar 1b
David Bell 3b
Wilson Betemit 3b

I probably missed a few, let me know...