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Historic Arte Moreno Interview

You go read this LA Times TJ Simers attempted slamming of Arte Moreno and come back here and tell me that Arte is not the single greatest thing to happen to this franchise.

Once again I am just jaw-dropping amazed at his sensible approach, his intelligent analysis, his long-term outlook and his pleasant demeanor amidst the catcalls and boobirds.

While Lew Wolff is sodomizing the East Bay Yokels with seat-tarps, hyphen-whoring and base-ditching, Arte is investing in US as an honored guest in his home.

Best Part: You don't like the team? You want your money back? Arte says come get it. True fans are true fans and he knows who WE are.

And Also: The Angels were outbid by $21 million on Soriano and Arte sensibly asks "What if he gets injured?" while pointing out that his cost to buy the whole franchise was $180 million. An awesome read all around.