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Angels Dealing Kinda But Not Really

So the only thing to report is that Bill Stoneman believes in the pitching and understands that - when it comes to arms - the organization has what it has and that it is about all that it has.

There are three scenarios to believe in all of this:

1. He really does believe that 2 out of 3 from the Casey/Dallas/Kendry will cut it in '07.

2. He has set a trap in making another team overvalue our pitching and knows he is close to scoring much more for one arm than said appendage would warrant.

3. He has already assessed that January and February will create their own urgencies in others that will get the most value in a trade.

Like I have always said - you play poker with this guy at your own great risk. I'm clueless for any more insight to the mystical dealings of Obi Wan Stonemanabi, but I still believe in the Powah of the LAoA Force.