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MLB Franchise Icons

Here is a fun exercise - who do you think the Historic "Face of the Franchise" is?
And who would you say the current "Face of the Franchise" is?

This is not a question of "Who is Your Favorite..." nor is it asking "Who was the best..." --no, it is more a question of which player would serve as an icon of the team - if you were driving to the stadium for the first time and pulled off the freeway, there should be a statue of this one historic player and this one current player outside, letting you know that you are part of an historical narrative that continues to be woven as tradition seeps into the present.

MLB Team List:

Team- -Historic Face - - Current Face

Angels - Nolan Ryan - Vlad Guerrero
Copy and paste the list into the comments and fill it in with your picks...
Astros -
Athletics -
Blue Jays -
Braves -
Brewers -
Cardinals -
Cubs -
Devil Rays -
Diamondbacks -
Dodgers -
Giants -
Indians -
Mariners -
Marlins -
Mets -
(Expos)/Nationals -
Orioles -
Padres -
Phillies -
Pirates -
Rangers -
Reds -
Red Sox -
Rockies -
Royals -
Tigers -
Twins -
White Sox -
Yankees -