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The 100 Greatest Angels: #26 Jim Edmonds

#26 Jim Edmonds, OF

Career Stats

Jim was on the team for a few seasons, a homegrown talent drafted by the big club.

Edmonds was a good hitter with a lot of power. He was exciting to watch in the field, made a lot of great catches until you realized he was hotdogging it out there. He was hated in the clubhouse and pissed off the last of his allies when he refused surgery early in the offseason only to need it right before the 1999 campaign began.

Only days before the 2000 season began, he was traded to St. Louis and badmouthed the Angels, implying that he was happy to be with a team that had a chance to win the World Series. Of course it was doubly great that the guy who he was traded for, Adam Kennedy, homered three times in one game to get the Angels into their first WS.

And the crowd shot of Jim at the Anaheim WS Game was the icing on the shitcake known and loved and despised as JEEEEMEEEE.