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I am splitting for two days worth of Valentine's Day loving with Mrs. Halofan.
After posting Angel #14 tonight, we head out on a romantic roadtrip.

For those of you who have joined our family during the off-season, THIS is the place to be on the internet during Angels games (unless you like Steve Physioc).
For each and every Angel game, we post a Game Thread and then everyone joins in the fray.

CLICK HERE to see not just a sample game thread, but the thread that gave birth to The Panther.

If you are wondering what is it like when the Angels are faltering, CLICK HERE to read a typical sky-is-falling piss-`n-moan.

For those of you who lived through the ups and downs of 2005 with us, there are less than 50 days until we start it all up again.
If you were in some wilderness and didn't know about the site back when you needed us most, well, welcome to heaven... Halos Heaven!