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Broadcast Math

FSN will be broadcasting 150 Angel Games each year for the next ten years.

They are tearing up the old deal and starting this upgrade with 2006.
(for you conspiracy theorists, the deal ends the same year as Arte has an out clause with the current stadium).

FSN is paying the Angels $50 Million a year. That factors out as $333,333.33 per telecast paid to Arte to air the game.

With two minutes of commercials between half-innings and two minutes of commercials after the opening titles before the first pitch, you have 36 minutes of commercials. Add two mid-inning pitching changes per game on average and that is 40 minutes of air-time to sell, minimum per game - not counting extra innings, delays, added pitching changes etcetera, all of which are spots for FSN to sell commercial time.

For 40 minutes of commercials to break even, FSN has to charge more than $8,300 a minute to air your commercial.

And this explains why you won't be seeing any commercials for on Angel broadcasts THIS season. But by 2007...