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Angels Spring Training PICS From Reader RBRIANC

I moved this over from the diaries section, a BIG thanks to rbrianc


FROM rbrianc:

Hey the dudes in red are back on the field!! Hallelujah!!! I made the mistake of scheduling a Dr. appointment for my daughter at 930 am, then i had to be into work for a bit at 1130 am, so i only got to see about 15 minutes there and took what photos i could.

But live from Tempe .....
I saw the Weaver brothers, the reigning AL Cy Young winner, the one Molina who's left, Magic, and John Lackey all in action for sure. I didn't catch Mike, Mickey, or Arte today like last year on Day 1.

The complex is definitely looking sharp but it's a work in progress as you can see - still a lot of construction activity there but the new fields (and old) look superb! Unfortunately it was way too brief a visit, but here's where my photos are. Enjoy'em! i'll be back tomorrow and intend to spend all morning there.