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Angels Spring Training Day 2

First off, an excellent analysis of Jeff Weaver's potential as an Angels pitcher by Bjoern from Bonn, the Angels' only Euroblogger.

Next we have SPRING TRAINING DAY 2 from rbrianc as posted in the Diaries section.

rbrianc writes:
I got there way too early today, it wasn't till about 10 am they took the field on an overcast day in Tempe. I got a few of them streching as a group, then mainly watched the fielding drill on Scioscia's field as the pitchers rotated through.

Scioscia and the coaches were playing 1B while the pitchers covered on grounders to first so i got quite a few of #14 in action.

Salmon and MacPherson went off to hit by themselves with Hatcher and Griffin. There are a few of the new minor league clubouse still under construction, as well as Tempe Diablo.

It was interesting to see Adenhart a kid working in Colon's group, the AL reigning winner.

As a guide to the above pics, here is the:
Non-Roster Invitees Roster w/ jersey #s

And the
40-Man Roster (with jersey #s too)

PLUS... I've discovered a new Angels Blog - Angels and Stuff, run by Jim in Florida, who bills himself as A Servant of the Cause.