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Beyond the Boxscore Projects Casey Kotchman's Season

I am not the biggest fan of using Baseball Statistics as an occult tool of the devil to predict the future, but the practitioners of these dark arts do provide an interesting perusal:
Note his link marked Here It Is to try this diabolical black magic at home...

Casey Kotchman Predictions:
OPS: .728
AVG: .271

OPS: .745
AVG: .273

Marc Normandin Predicts
OPS: .774
AVG: .276

Rev Halofan Predicts
OPS: .945 (.410 OB% + .535 Slugging%)
AVG: .339
(please note that I am an unbiased observer and have objectively held down any desire for wanting Casey to have a better season than Babe Ruth 1921 and Barry Bonds 2001)

If you feel like letting the Genie out of the bottle and the Tarot Cards just are not allowing the spirit guide to speak, or you have yet to acquire the birth time of the player in order to calculate a proper astrology chart - Marc's Black Magic might tide you over.