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Angels Spring Training Pictures from rbrianc FEB 23


I was out there today again. here's the link and the summary.

Back today with a few hundred more pictures from Tempe. It was just a perfect sunshine day here in Arizona!

First up you'll see some of the Tempe Diable upgrades. If you've been there, you'll notice the entrance is completely different and looks great! It's just wide open with a grand set of stairs leading into the home plate area. i walked in and grabbed some pictures of the field too and you can see the new bleachers and seats. You'll also see the concourse area and a new ticket booth on the first base side with plenty of constructioon still going on.

Next i got the players walking over to the practice complex - man, it was great to see Vlad smiling! In fact today was the first day of me seeing all the position players - sweet! That's followed by some distant shots of morning warmps. the infielders broke off to a separate field and did some 'laps' on the outfiled grass from 1st to 3rd. i caught of few of the circuits, and spent too much time there because i only got one or two of the outfielders doing the same thing. Then the Outfielders left to go back to the main stadium, presumably to the hitting cage underneath the stands so that was it today for Vlad, Rivera, Ersty, Garret, et al. Too bad --- so hopefully i'll catch some more of them tomorrow.

The rest of the day was as follows

1. Seeing 2nd-SS players doing double play drills and pick off drills - they were divided into two groups. One group was assigned to pitchers who were working on pick off moves, while the other did the double play 6-4-3 and 4-6-3. Then they rotated. You'll see different batches of those lumped together as well as the pitchers who rotated through. Wood is #3, Kendrick is #47, Callaspo is #73, and Aybar is #32.

2. Catchers doing fielding drills like pitch outs and throwing to 1B. Again two groups, but unlike the middle infielders, the two groups were definitely divided based on seniority - Mathis, Molina, Budde and Napoli were in one group, with Collins, Wilson, Del Chiaro, Martinez in the other.

3. More pitchers pictures and a few shots of Arte.

I didn't see any hitting today - i was there from when the players arrived about 10 am until just before 11:30 am.