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Casey Kotchman as a source of power

Since Casey K turned only 23 the day before yesterday, it seemed obvious to me that his power would develop this season. I wrote in a comment section here a few days ago about whether Kotchman would match G.A.'s homerun total or double it this season.

Is the Rev crazy?

Yes, but he's also on to something...
Today's L.A. TyMe$ has a Mike DiGiovanna-penned story entiled Kotchman Might Make Deep Impact.

Basically, everyone who uses their eyeballs to judge players is noticing that the kid with the great plate discipline and sweet stroke is quite young and is steadily mastering the skill of driving the ball farther.

Those who do not use their eyeballs of course use their Tandy Calculators to pick the Angels 3rd because they see no power in the lineup - they don't expect it from Casey Kotchman, ignore Dallas McPherson and assume G.A. cannot pick up his game.

These pre-season analysts do everything but LOOK. Put that in your PECOTA and smoke it.