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Angel Link Dump

It has been a busy week on the internet regarding the Angels. Most of the predictions about the team have been absurd. By July 4th, there will be three articles per day rationalizing why Oakland is sinking.

But there are a few entertaining pre-season discussions

The best one is by baseball poet The Score Bard, who has made each Angel's name an anagram.

In other news, the Halosphere has a new old member, Watching All Angels, which was formerly watching Jeff DaVanon. There is still a box where you can keep up with what jeffo is doing. I have to admit, I kinda like Jeff now that he and his haircut are gone. Maybe I like the memory of Jeff better than Jeff. Yeah. That's it.

Meanwhile a real analyst of baseball has seen through the hype and understands what went on with the Angels this offseason. David Pinto's analysis is concise - the Angels eschewed the headlines and reloaded from within.

In Hall of Fame News, The Sex Pistols have sent a letter to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame basically declining to be admitted. READ IT. I have such a soft spot for John and Steve, especially after a stunt like that.