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The Angels have traded middle-infield minor league prospect Alberto Callaspo to the Arizona Diamondbacks for 27 yr old Righthanded fireballer Jason Bulger.

In less than 18 months, the Angels have acquired 4 Tommy John surgery survivors - Paul Byrd, Nick Adenhart, Hector Carrasco and now Bulger.

Perhaps the team's close association with the legendary Lewis Yocum has given them an advantage in effectively scouting underappreciated Post-TJs. That they unceremoniously parted ways with Byrd (after a perfectly serviceable year as a #4 starter) specifically for Carrasco was the first indication that something was up.

But what, exactly, is up? Perhaps nothing, it could be a series of coincidences that appear to be a behavioral pattern with this front office, or it could be the manifestation of a great theory.

To be sure, Callaspo was not Alfredo Amezaga lite; hell he was perhaps not even Adam Kennedy Lite.

If there is a pursuit of Post-TJs, it has been something behind the scenes, something that were Billy Beane the one doing it, Michael Lewis would be composing a book of love sonnets in order to capture the sophisticated analytical genius of seeing patterns where no man had before.

I will posit this: Perhaps the Angels know how to better scout Tommy John survivors and see undervalued players poised for breakout seasons.