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Sympathy for Seattle

After the Doug Eddings game in the 2005 ALCS, Angel fans became known as quite the whiney bunch - but sooner or later everyone is gonna feel the twist in the gut that only a postseason referee can deliver.

There is something about the Refs taking it from you in the playoffs that hurts like a great injustice of an epic drama or a natural disaster hurts, so as hard as it is for me to have empathy for any sports fan from the Emerald City, The Rev Feels Your Pain, Needleville and understands your pissin-n-moanin and the kickin' of the dog and the snarlin' at the kids and the yellin' at the wife (but there is no excuse for domestic violence).

Rather than analyze certian aspects of the Seahawks giftwrapping of the Superbowl XL game for the Steelers, I just will howl in your direction like Michael Stipe Everybody Hurts, sometime...