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Blank Frank is the messenger of your doom and your destruction
Yes, he is the one who will set you up as nothing
And he is one who will look at you sideways
His particular skill is leaving bombs in people's driveways.

Blank Frank has a memory that's as cold as an iceberg
The only time he speaks is in incomprehensible proverbs
Blank Frank is the siren, he's the air-raid, he's the crater
He's on the menu, on the table, he's the knife and he's the waiter
- - Brian Eno, 1973

Kelvim Escobar pitched 4+ innings of shutout baseball, but the other good Eno Album isn't entitled Taking Panther Mountain By Strategy, and Brian Eno only mentions Juan, as in Juan Rivera, in a song casually, in the second verse - and Juan Rivera did start all the scoring for Venezuela late in the game today, but that Eno song is entitled Baby's on Fire, so I will leave it with the closer locking the door and advancing his countrymen to the next round.