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Barry Zito tells L.A. Times He May Sign with The Angels

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Barry Zito is a free agent at the end of this season.

He told the L.A. Times he might sign with the Angels

Money Quote:

"It's hard for me to think about anything but Oakland right now," Zito said.
"At some point in my career, I could definitely see myself playing in the L.A. area."

Click The Link Already, You Numbtard

Zito would be a good #5 starter for us, assuming that we re-sign Kelvim Escobar, but is it better to have him in Oakland and we light him up for three-five wins a year, or does he do a ten win job in the #5 slot that pretty much any old mop can do?

And you gotta wonder if Alyssa Milano will start showing up at the stadium casting all her Charmed spells on people. Of course, if she waves her wand and gets me free nachos, I could dig it...