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Spring Training Game DOCE

Game Thread

Who can talk about today's game when Barry Zito is giving up on Oakland and will be donning the Halo 350 days from today?

LAA @ Team Frapuccino of MicroSeattlesoft (minus Bozo the Batflipper)

Ervin Santana versus at least one pitcher with a ridiculous name like Putz or Appier

Random iTunes Lyrics
The itsy bitsy spider
climbed up the waterspout
down came the rain and they had to close the stadium roof
The Mariners still got shut out

This can also serve as the thread for the WBC Games - I was rooting for Mexico, but Korea is a fun team to watch. I mean, Bum Ho Lee is a great defensive 3B.

I'm in Section 236 tonight, rooting for Bum Ho's squad, against my country cuz I am free to be a non-nationalistic contrarian, God Bless America.