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World Baseball Classic in person

Nobody loves being a contrarian more than I, so it was with vim and vigor that I started rooting for Korea - god what a suckup crowd, cheering for Derek Jeter. BLECHHH.

Korea had a stellar defense, effective pitching and pop in the bats when needed. Korean chicks dig the longball too!

The crowd had a Korean contingent, but was most reminiscent of an Angels game up to the middle of 2002 - half full stadium at best, team getting beat creating nothing but lethargy in the stands among the fans and very little team gear among the crowd.

A pleasant reminder that the red really matters, as does the winning and the 40K sellouts.

Oh, and for you palace intrigue types - Arte's box was occupied with what appeared to be three people - You could spot Dennis Kuhl by his iridescent hair, but I was not sure one of the other two was Arte - it might have been John Carpino and someone else, there in the early innings. BUT... later in the game I notice that the box has a what appear to be shades pulled down and the binoculars reveal them to be major security metal roll-down doors. When Arte locks up the suite for the night, he bolts it shut. It is just to the RF side of the press box behind home plate, take a look for yourself...