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Cracks in the Armor

Two stories out of Spring training.

First one is that Adenhart, Arredondo, Bittner, Dan Davidson, Matt Hensley, Tommy Mendoza, Alex Serrano, Steve Shell and Mister Tambourine-Zimmer-man were sent out of campt o the minor league field. First cuts, our Major League arms will be needing more time, as will they.

Second one is that Garret Anderson has developed a gimpy heel, this on top of his arthritic condition. If he is out completely, all it does is get Juan Rivera in the field and cement Dallas McPherson as the DH. If Garret sticks to DHing, D-Mac loses many more at-bats, essentially being a platoon 3B with Figgy, who moves to LF over Juan Rivera when D-Mac is in the lineup.

The blessing of depth can be seen as the curse of blocking development.