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Garret Aching Anderson

Garret Anderson is coming up limp according to Wednesday's L.A. Tyme$.

The City Hall-adjacent print daily reports that Anderson saw a foot specialist who broke the news that G.A. has a strained plantar fascia.
(that would be the tissue that supports the arch of the foot)

Tim Salmon had the same thing in 1998, did a stint on the DL and could only DH the rest of the way.
They snipped it in the offseason and he returned in time to injure other parts of his body.

If Garret is the full-time DH, Dallas McPherson is blocked in relation to getting regular at-bats and Kendry Morales is a definite AAA starter.

If Garret has surgery, does he heal in time to contribute to the 2006 campaign or does the insurance company pay out most of his $12 million annual salary to Moreno Family Basbeall?

Stay tuned...